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Did you know that your bottled water habit could indirectly promote tooth decay? Of course bottled water doesn’t contain sugar or sneaky carbohydrates that turn into sugar, but it also doesn’t contain fluoride, the magical ingredient that strengthens teeth and prevents cavities. Like anything else, bottled water is fine in moderation – but children, especially, need good old fashioned tap water with fluoride for healthy teeth. Topical fluoride (applied to the outside of teeth), in toothpaste and professional treatments at the dentist office, does a good job preventing tooth decay, but the addition of systemic fluoride (ingested in tap water) completes the gold standard in cavity prevention. So the next time you grab a glass of water for your child, consider getting it straight from the sink or through a filtering system in your refrigerator. You will be helping your child’s oral health and doing something good for the environment.

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