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It is our goal at Children’s Dentistry to develop an ongoing relationship that follows our patient’s dental needs throughout their childhood and teenage years. Our doctors and staff want to form caring and lasting connections with you and your child, ensuring that we offer the best care available. We invite you to tour our child-friendly offices and see our dedication and commitment to helping every child reach their dental health potential. Along with the an excellent quality of care, we pledge to work tirelessly to nurture your child’s positive self-image and attitude towards oral health and hygiene. As you child’s “dental home,” our goal is to provide the highest standard of dental care to our young patients in a professional and compassionate manner.


In the event of an emergency, please keep calm – Children’s Dentistry is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For after hours care, please call 770-985-7890 to reach a pediatric dentist.


Experts, including the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, recommend that children receive preventive cleanings and fluoride treatments every six months. So do we. Coming in twice a year for regular cleanings and check-ups can help your child avoid serious dental problems later on in life.


In order to provide the best possible care, we execute the use of all diagnostic aids at our disposal, and X-rays allow us to see a complete picture of your child’s dental health. Through the use of X-rays, we are able to detect signs of decay that even the most thorough examination may not detect. Many times, X-rays will alert us to problems before pain or swelling ever even occurs, saving our patients unnecessary discomfort. To ensure our patient’s safety, we use minimum radiation dosage and provide protective lead aprons and the most modern equipment available.


Most children feel at ease when visiting Children’s Dentistry. Our colorfully decorated offices are designed to foster a comforting atmosphere where kids feel relaxed and contented. Our pediatric dentists not only know how to treat children, they know how to talk to them. They genuinely like kids and enjoy being around them. With an encouraging word or a reassuring smile, our dentists make children feel safe and special.

Sometimes, however, a child may feel anxious during treatment and may need more than a gentle, caring manner to feel comfortable. Nitrous oxide/oxygen, often called “laughing gas,” is a safe, effective way to calm a nervous child.

For more involved treatments, our practice offers in-office conscious sedation, often called Oral Conscious Sedation (OCS).  During this sedation technique, your child will be awake, but very relaxed at the time of treatment.

For children who are not good candidates for in-office sedation due to their age, size or severity of required treatment; Children’s Dentistry is proud to offer intravenous sedation (IV sedation) at our state-of-the-art Sedation Center. The Sedation Center is staffed by Pediatric Dentists, Anesthesiologists, and Registered Nurses to care for your child during IV sedation techniques.

If sedation is needed, we will discuss all of the options based on your child’s needs and required treatment, at your child’s regular dental visit.


In keeping with our commitment to outstanding care, our state-of-the-art “Triangle” sterilization system adheres to the highest standards and methods of sterilization.